famigliaFattoria Quercia was born the 1994. The owner Paola was used to cook for friends since 10 years in her countryhouse. Then she decided to open an agritourism, with the help of mom Ione, who knew very well traditional bolognese food. We still keep the tradition alive, and the wole family manage the Farm. We produce salami and organic wheat, you’ll taste the original home made pasta. We offer many dishies cooked with fresh organic ingredients, suitale for vegetarians or allergics. Just ask!



Menu is different every season, but we have always tipical products as Parmigiano and aceto balsamico, mortadella and many more. We choose many Km 0 products, when we don’t produce them, and we also have a vegetarian or vegan menu. We directly produce bread, pasta, meat, eggs, wine, some vegetables, fruit. Most of our food is organic.