Activities on the farm

We organize cooking classes on request

In the Emilian tradition, the main steps in the preparation of the pastry and the various formats are offered to guests: tortelloni, maccheroncini al pettine, spaghetti alla chitarra and tagliatelle.

At the end, the participants will taste the fruit of their labors at dinner in order to know the best condiments for the prepared pastas.

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‘Mortadella in the kitchen’ and ‘A table with Parmesan cheese’: preparation of a menu in which these traditional ingredients are used and valued.
Guests are entertained by cooking together and finally savoring the prepared dishes at dinner, pairing the dishes with our wines.

Are we or are we not in the Motor Valley?

The motor valley district is famous all over the world and is located near the farm; Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini and Maserati are trademarks that need no introduction.

Enthusiasts of all ages will not be disappointed by the welcome from the motor manufacturers!

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Motors what a passion


Spring and autumn are the best times to enjoy more or less demanding trekking in our valley adjacent to the Monteveglio Abbey park and very close to the Sassi di Roccamalatina park

Without moving the car from the farm, you can take the Zappolino climb or path 207 of the CAI which at this point also coincides with the Piccola Cassia route and proceed towards Monteveglio, reaching it in an hour and a half of walking through the woods and vineyards.

If tiredness does not scare you can also continue from the village to the abbey for another 40 minutes. The tear is worth a visit to the medieval village which is completely preserved in its original beauty.

Excellent restaurants can be found both in the town of new Monteveglio and in the medieval one.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for suggestions!

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